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T-Virus by Subclipse T-Virus :iconsubclipse:Subclipse 6 0 The Frozen Queen by Antiquity-Dreams The Frozen Queen :iconantiquity-dreams:Antiquity-Dreams 266 12
45 Facts I Bet You Didn't Know About Black Butler
1. In episode 17, when Undertaker is in the pot of salt, Sebastian holds his handkerchief to his nose. This implies demons have an aversion to salt, whether it be rock salt or just salt in general. This wouldn't be such an outrageous statement, seeing as some other shows, movies, and books (ex. Supernatural) say that salt is good for keeping demons at bay by sprinkling a trail in front of doors or windows to keep them out of a house.
2. Sebastian is based off of a French inquisitor (noble, officer running a certain part of an area). How? "Sebastien" lived in 16th century France, and was most famous for his books on demon possession and classification. His books are still somewhat used today.
3. In the most recent manga arc as well as other times within the manga, Sebastian is seen wearing rosary beads along with his teacher outfit. Whether this be of arrogance or not, this shows that Sebastian is not affected by many "holy" things (ex. Rosaries, holy water, etc.).
4. St. Sebastian of M
:iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 1,176 111
Gloves back on by Su-Wan Gloves back on :iconsu-wan:Su-Wan 74 15 Vkei by jettyguy Vkei :iconjettyguy:jettyguy 26 4 Humanity's Strongest Soldier by jettyguy Humanity's Strongest Soldier :iconjettyguy:jettyguy 238 14 Daddy's Nose(Dante) by monakadaj Daddy's Nose(Dante) :iconmonakadaj:monakadaj 23 20
Ymir x Reader-Goodbye...
-flashback (play this)
~*~Third Person's POV~*~
"Ymir! Ymir, where are you?!" Said brunette opened her eyes towards the sound of her sweet Christa, expecting her to arrive with their lunch until noticing another person following the short blond "Christa..who's this?" Ymir asks turning her gaze towards the slightly taller girl. "This is (Name), she's one of our room mates! I noticed she always ate by herself, so I invited her." The goddess smiled hugging the (h/c)'s arm as (Name) turned away shyly "H-Hello, you must be Ymir. It's nice to meet you." she says, holding her hand out towards the brunette. "..Same here." Ymir smirked causing (Name) to sweat but it was all obvious to Christa who grinned, "Now that you two know each other, let's eat!" she cheered causing the awkward tension to fade away as the two taller teens grinned and nodded.    
"So (name), why'd you join the military?" Christa asks cutely as she chewed
:iconkuni-chan978:kuni-chan978 101 31
Attack on Cravat! Chapter 2
"Oh gosh... ______!"
"Five more minutes..." you mumbled sleepily, burrowing further into the soft covers of your bed.
"Ah, please ______, wake up!"
You waved a tired hand at the voice that tried to summon you from beyond your cozy bed. "I'll get up in a sec, okay?"
"No, you don't underst-...Ymir!"
Abruptly, you were torn from your covers. You gasped as your skin was exposed to the cold air. "Noooo~~!" you moaned as you were unceremoniously dumped onto the cold hard wooden floor.
You opened your eyes just a tiny bit, to find Ymir standing above you, a death glare painted across her face. Behind her, Christa looked at you with concern.
"That wasn't very nice, Ymir..." You whined, rubbing sleep from your eyes.
Christa knelt down next to you, trying to haul you to a sitting position. "______, I've been trying to tell you, but you wouldn't listen, you see-"
"It is a quarter past six." Ymir stated plainly, her hands on her hips. "From what you told us last night
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 437 60
Fatal Attraction [Reader/Ymir] [Drabble]
Having romantic Interest in a person like Ymir was like waiting for Snow inside a Volcano; nothing would happen. Ever. Or at least that's what [Name] thought. When the [h/c] Teen noticed that one day Ymir had gotten up either too late or not at all so she'd have the high chance of missing Breakfast, it was [Name] who decided to sneak some food to the female, after all, it was only nice to do such a thing.
When arriving at the Teens destination, [Name] saw something that probably nobody would've expected. In her bed laid Ymir, face red and sweat forming on her forehead. "So yer' sick now?" the [e/c] teen taunted with a lazy smirk before chuckling. Although [Name] wanted to appear tough and not at all like a lovestruck Puppy it ended with the [h/c] teen sitting beside Ymir while making sure she ate and drank enough.
And although [Name] didn't want to admit it, Ymir did look somewhat cute, with a red face like this. Well, cute as in weirdly adorable. For [Name] at least. It was
:iconitsubaru:itsubaru 59 4
Goodnight, Love {Ymir x Reader}
"It's not over tonight. Just give me one more chance to make it right. I may not make it through the night. I won't go home without you."
Sitting on her bed with her face tucked away safely in her knees, {Name} thinks to herself. Her {E/c} eyes analyzing the headstrong lady asleep, just across the room and barely out of arm's reach. Why is she so much stronger than her? How is it that she can always fight everything off with so much less effort than her? Even the knowledge that her life could end tomorrow doesn't seem to affect her.
Though the thought scares {Name} to death...
In front of the others {Name} wears the mask that everything is alright, because that is what they all deserve. There needs to be someone there to assure them that their fears are simply just that. Though, at the end of the night there is no one there to do the same for the girl.
Yes, she is seventeen and older than most of the other recruits, which is why she feels she needs to keep them h
:iconlinnie-winter:Linnie-Winter 61 14
Venus {YmirxReader}
Warning for some course language
"You don't have to go through with this, really!" You tried reading Ymir's stone face as she led you through the thick woods.
"Do you think I'm a coward, (l/n)?" She replied in monotone, olive eyes never moving from the crude dirt path in front of her. "Do you think I'm such a wuss that I would back out of my end of the bargain? I know you think I'm a complete and utter bitch, but I do try to keep my promises like a decent human being."
"I... I never said you were a complete and utter bitch.." To be honest, you did think it. Everyone did. But though she didn't rank in her graduation, you'd seen her fight, and there was no way you wanted to get on her wrong side. How bad could today be anyway? Just an hour alone with Ymir. You had won this bet fair and square. Ymir owed you a delicious lunch. It wouldn’t be too bad. An hour alone with her... and the knife you just spied in her belt pocket. Oh my god.
"Ymir, I want to go back. I don't give two shits
:iconpersephon-e:Persephon-e 236 21
The Plan - Levi + Erwin by jettyguy The Plan - Levi + Erwin :iconjettyguy:jettyguy 286 21 Cloud Strife III by mellierau Cloud Strife III :iconmellierau:mellierau 21 2 Lance Corporal Levi by jettyguy Lance Corporal Levi :iconjettyguy:jettyguy 93 4 Let it go by TemaTime Let it go :icontematime:TemaTime 159 12


Happy new year fellow deviants I apologise for being absent for so long...again XD Ive been extremely busy. back in june my partner and I got a puppy! a black german shepherd called marvel. Ive started studying photography at college and I look forward to continue my study and getting my degree hopefully =D and the most exciting news is that this month I'll become a big sister again to TRIPLETS! Im so excited may your 2017 bring you all your wishes <3
hey all!

i cant believe ive left it so long again! im quite disappointed with myself lol! but i now own a working laptop thank god! so i can hopefully get back on track! im hoping to start getting back into cosplay soon ive missed it a lot! me and a friend of mine have also decided to start a youtube gaming channel we have no content yet but hey gotta start somewhere right XD ive recently been back intouch with some old friends after almost 3 years! and last month i turned 21! wow i had a fantastic 80's themed party. im currently in the works of finding a job and my aim is to secure one within the next month or so.

So enough about me! 

How has everyone been ive missed all your cosplays and art 

See ya!!! ^_^

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